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People born specifically on the 24th of October are imagined to be assertive, proud and determined but also more cooperative and compromising than most Scorpio’s. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus making you naturally friendly and understanding, with the abilty to positively motivate and calm others. If you have this birthday, creative and competitive you tend to be particularly talented in drama, design or music. Fairly intuitive and decisive you are unlikely to promise things you cannot deliver but you may be sometimes a little critical too due to your high standards and values. Individuals with an October the twenty fourth birthday are inclined to be intelligent and well spoken with a tendency to usually pay lots of attention to detail. You are very loyal with a strong dislike of solitude and although you are a tad idealistic you are also a realist. Situations that are out of your control will ordinarily cool your emotions somewhat and cause you to act in a haughty manner.

The Hunter’s Blood Moon: A Bad Omen, or Visual Treat?

Some say the Blood Moon signifies an approaching great change. Others believe it is a sign from God foretelling an imminent apocalypse. Among the more alarming Biblical verses referring to the moon can be found in Joel 2:30: “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:
 Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness. And the moon into blood,
 Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord”. This is not an ordinary blood moon. It is also the hunter’s moon. The proceeding full moon to the harvest moon. Make sure to check out this celestial treat! It will happen in North America during the wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise, on Oct 8th.

Image credit: Tomruen
Image credit: Tomruen