Great things come in Threes: Gentle Whisper by Stellar Jay

Silent Realm Industries’ 3rd release (SRI003). Listening to Gentle Whisper by Stellar Jay is like receiving a message from a distant planet; A message with so much information, yet it is gracefully translated into an ethereal wave cloud of wonderment and intrigue. Gentle Whisper is a perfect example of what someone should listen to when seeking a chill and groovy listening experience. This music will transcend you to a level far further away than the track times would suggest. Put this baby on repeat and get comfy.

Architecture by Dada Davros: IDM Gold

Silent Realm Industries’ second release (SRI002), Architecture by Dada Davros is a sonic quest through the cosmos that is not worth missing. This Album showcases the refined “sweet spots” that electronic music has to offer: Brain tingling beats, ambient pad sections, and entrancing leads. Architecture is the 4th release by Dada Davros and is a perfect example of Australia’s finest Electronica. This is not a mere collection of songs thrown together arbitrarily; it is a singular piece of auditory work that will glide you through a nearly infinite plane of unique sensory. Enjoy!

The Hunter’s Blood Moon: A Bad Omen, or Visual Treat?

Some say the Blood Moon signifies an approaching great change. Others believe it is a sign from God foretelling an imminent apocalypse. Among the more alarming Biblical verses referring to the moon can be found in Joel 2:30: “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:
 Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness. And the moon into blood,
 Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord”. This is not an ordinary blood moon. It is also the hunter’s moon. The proceeding full moon to the harvest moon. Make sure to check out this celestial treat! It will happen in North America during the wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise, on Oct 8th.

Image credit: Tomruen
Image credit: Tomruen

When Truth and Myth Converge: Eye of the Beholder

Many ancient cultures believe in a particular origin myths. Whether we came from the heavens, oceans, or inner-earth; there are multitudes of stories to accompany such beliefs. Though there are many uniting factors throughout these tales, sacred geometry and aesthetics are ones that deserve a more refined look.

People have always admired landscapes that resemble certain shapes and colors. Ancients noticed similar behavior among plants and the stars. It has been some people’s life work to discover a singular denomination, a force that governs all that is above and below; Namely, Aristotle. What is it about aesthetics that make people pay more attention to something?

A mystical mountain resides within the transhimalayian mountain range in Tibet. This mountain is called Mount Kailash. It is said that if a person completes a pilgrimage around the entire base that a lifetime of sins will be atoned. It is both cherished within Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as, others. Its four sides point directly to: North, South, East, and West. Four of Asia’s greatest rivers originate from within Mt. Kailash and is believed to be singular point in which mother earth resides. It is no surprise that this mountain was taken notice of. Its faces are made of crystal, ruby, gold, and lapis lazuli according to excerpts from the Vishnu Purana. It sits in the heart of six vast mountain ranges symbolizing a lotus.  Lord Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and illusion, resides at the summit. Protecting the peak and punishing any who dare trek its summit. Mt. Kailash is the origin of all life on Earth and the catalyst of terraformation.

My question to you is this: Would observations like this happen without people’s affinity for geometric beauty? Take notice in the subtle arrangements of objects, both organic and man-made, on our planet. You may, for a moment, see through the eyes of the ancients and feel the importance and purpose everything emits around us.





Noksuna: Harbinger of Twilight-Chapter 1/ Preface

Chapter 1
The Harbinger of Twilight


In the beginning, nine stood before the eternal fires of Noksuna. Her hypnotic flicker forever solidifying all that lived inside them, all that was their vision, all that could be from the abyss of their hearts, and all that would be from the glory of the crown. Permeated, their stares focused toward the walls of twilight. The walls they swore to defend… In the Distance, The spiraling horizons of darkness that will slowly etch it’s blackness into Lesu began to wax and wane ever-closer to the valley; Showing the Nine Templar that the boding mist will now forever burden the realm of the Astral garden… ‘less they forget their vows. The Nine being present in Juron was a testament to the oath they had all taken long ago. The Noksuna. The vow to Odin and the High Priestess Aihmsva, to guard, for all of time, the breath of the ever-nova and her hope-bearing ghosts. This war was to be lost or won in vain, for the seer has already spoke the fate that bestow those who guard the fiery tomb of the goddess, princess Aihmsva Ekunovlas.


Noksuna: The Harbinger of Twilight
Silent Realm Industries 2014

A los ojos del Cielo, Seremos Salvos




Symbolic Messages the Lion Offers Us

  • Have courage, have faith
  • Stand tall, remember your birthright of power
  • Hold your head high – even in times of conflict – conduct yourself with dignity
  • It may be time to defend something that is dear to your heart – defend it fiercely if you must
  • Perhaps it’s time to show your authority (not in a dominating way) but lead others with a loving heart (2)



(1) Image protected under  the Creative Commons License. Attribution must be given to Silent Realm Industries LLC. 

(2) Information gathered from

Understanding Intricate Energy Harmonies