The Story Behind Scorpio

Jessica Davidson

Scorpio Symbol Each sign of the zodiac represents an archetype. These are elemental structures in the psyche which give shape to our lives and inspire meaning through myth. Astrology is a multidimensional, multivalent system of storytelling. The myths behind your horoscope form a complex web of meaning which underpins the narrative of your life. The gods are alive and living through you…

Scorpio Myths

Scorpio is sensitive and emotionally volatile. They are loyal, proud and insightful, as well as enigmatic, persistent and driven. Scorpios can be mistrustful of others, but they would just see it as realistic caution, especially as they have such highly tuned bullshit detectors and are so aware of all the darkness in the world and in people. Their sensitivity to suffering makes them deeply compassionate, but they can struggle with weakness, either their own or that of others.

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