When one pursue…

When one pursues their true destiny, failure is never an option.

Posted by Lidia Ladelle on March 18, 2014 at 11:43am
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We can’t always remain on our best behavior when faced with challenges or decisions. Options are not always black and white. Each of us is born with a unique gift that can help and influence humanity. Whether you are a healer or warrior, defensive or offensive, when life requires action, go forward without fear or ego and be true to yourself.

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Tags: Battle, Bhagavad, Dharma, Fight, Gita, Help, Hinduism, Inspirational, Karma, Self, More…

Pulled this from an online club I’m associated with. Very cool and interesting enlightened people.

¥_V=ʬʘɸ\\|۞|//ɸʘʬ=Ʌ_¥_\\Pax vobis in Deum//_¥_V=ʬʘɸ\\|۞|//ɸʘʬ=Ʌ_¥

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